We introduce our civil organisation

The Centre of Giftedness

Dear colleagues, parents and friends of gifted children!

 Please, let us introduce a project of civil organization – THE CENTRE OF GIFTEDNESS. The Centre was founded as a reflection of activities realized by the group of experts – the psychologists, educationalists and other professionals, who have been realizing provision for the group of exceptionally gifted children in the Czech Republic.

The founding members of the Centre are very deeply involved in providing the net of complex service for the group of children which is slighlty forgotten in our educational environment. We decided to bind our forces in order to provide a wider offer of service mainly for schools, which will carry the provision for gifted children in our state. Our services are also focused on the group of families – parents and their gifted children.

The main objectives of the Centre are:

  • To help with talent search of the gifted children since their the preschool  age;
  • To organize the diagnostic-counselling intervensions and session where we prepare thi provision for the families of gifted children
  • To analyze the state and level of educational programmes of the schools and to recommend the adequate placing of gifted child to the certain type of school facility
  • To support and iniciate the research in the area of needs and specific characteristics of gifted children and youth
  • To create a good practice handbook for the schools which will focus their educational provision on the group of gifted children in our state
  • To iniciate the educational and other professional activities for teachers and psychologists who dedicate their professional carreer to the gifted
  • To realize the systém of supervision of the schools which actively work woth gifted pupils
  • To prepare and create the new educational materials for the schools and families of gifted children
  • To cooperate with nursery schools and centres, elementary and secondary schools, universities and other educational institutions.

Planned activities of the Centre are:

  • Organization of the regular Diagnostic days with cooperation of the elementary and secondary schools
  • Realization of the student selection for the special classes/study groups for the gifted students
  • Travelling courses for the school staff – the individual or the set of courses for the schools which prepare for the wider provision for their gifted students, the interim cooperation and supervision of the school work
  • Active help for school in creating their school programs and projects realizing widened provision for the gifted children
  • The help with sponsor search for funding the extended school programs and staff enrichment for the gifted children
  • Promotion and professional support of the projects of schools and organizations which will cfocus on the gifted
  • The offer of interesting out-of-school and leisure activitioes for schools
  • The organization of summer camps for the families with gifted children and youth and teachers of these children.
  • If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

    PhDr. Jitka Fořtíková, Ph.D.
    Chairman of The Centre of Giftedness

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